Welcome to Santushti Capital LLP

Santushti is one of the few knowledge led financial boutiques. Here at Santushti, we are committed to the principle of “Successful Investing Is All About Patience and Discipline”, our deepest Endeavor is to help you to maintain that Patience and Discipline with your investments during various market cycles which will translate into returns.

We look forward to working with you to help you, get the most out of our research and expertise to realize your future financial goals.

Our Services


We help People identify their periodical income and expenses and tabulating them in such a manner that the they gain control over their expenditures.

Wealth Statement

We help people organize all their investment in a tabular manner as a regular exercise and update all their Asset and Liabilities in a Categorical Manner, so that they take informed financial decisions.

Estate Planning

We help people identify everything they have and then with the help of an advocate , help them draft a will for a dispute free transfer of wealth.

Tax Planning

We identify the whole situation and then with a Chartered Accountant’s Guidance help them effectively reduce the Tax Liability.

Investment Accounting

We help them maintain accounts on a personal basis so that incase of any Tax or Legal Dispute we have a good looking backward.

Risk Profiling

We do a prior risk profiling of the client. So that the investments are aligned as per the risk appetite.

Our Experts

Raman K Agarwal

Raman Agarwal, A Certified Financial Planner, an Ex-PSU Banker with 19 years of Banking and Corporate Accounting/Audit Experience entered the Industry in 2001. His Idea has been able to help people to manage their finances (majorly investments) so that they achieve Financial Freedom as soon as possible. He is committed to resolve financial worries of the people by helping them with good appropriate solutions.

Rahul R Agarwal

Rahul Agarwal, a Computer Science Engineering was moved by a Book his father gifted him on his 18th Birthday “RICH DAD & POOR DAD”. Deciding to help people to move to the “I” quardrant as stated by the Author Robert Kiyosaki in the book. He joined the company in 2011. Driven by his passion for the “I” quadrant. He is helping people with their investments.


Financial goals are the priorities and targets you set for how you want to spend and save your money. They aren't one size fits all, because everyone has different priorities. However, if you don't set your financial goals, you'll probably be left wondering where all your money went. Importance of Setting Goals.