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Problem: Normally people earn and spend without any planning and often feel dearth of money?

Solution: We help People identify their periodical income and expenses and tabulating them in such a manner that the they gain control over their expenditures. We help them identify how much cashflow they can leverage for future and how much in EMI.

Wealth Statement

Problem: Normally people invest in a haphazard manner. Some time in the name of Tax Saving. Sometime something else but often feel unaware of what they are worth.

Solution: We help people organize all their investment in a tabular manner as a regular exercise and update all their Asset and Liabilities in a Categorical Manner, so that they take informed financial decisions.

Estate Planning

Problem: Problem: Normally People just think of earning, some go beyond and think of investing but rarely people think of distribution of wealth to the next generation or ignore it saying WILL is for the rich.

Solution: We help people identify everything they have and then with the help of an advocate , help them draft a will for a dispute free transfer of wealth.

Tax Planning

Problem: Normally People relate Tax planning just as Tax Saving Scheme but there are ample events like property sale, purchase etc where effective tax planning help reduce Tax Liability.

Solution: We identify the whole situation and then with a Chartered Accountant’s Guidance help them effectively reduce the Tax Liability.

Investment Accounting

Problem: Normally People do not maintain investment accounts themselves due to sheer problem with time and expertise in the matter.

Solution: We help them maintain accounts on a personal basis so that incase of any Tax or Legal Dispute we have a good looking backward.

Risk Profiling

Problem: Normally People buy financial products without matching their own risk profile to that of the product.

Solution: We do a prior risk profiling of the client. So that the investments are aligned as per the risk appetite.